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Solid Wood started with the removal of the existing tiles, fireplace base, and the drywall. The next step was to run the low voltage ( Audio/Video ) cables and supply the TV power outlet and the power to the fireplace. We did the rough in framing with steel studs and concrete boards were installed.  We then installed the tiles and grout, and installed the mantel. Plaster was applied and then sanded, primer was also applied, and then the final stage for the walls were two coats of paint. Also a new section of laminate flooring was done in front area of the fireplace. Hooked up the cables and the TV brackets. At the end of the more HAPPY satisfied customer!








Deck Replacement:

Pressure Treated Decks: The majority of decks in BC use pressure-treated wood which has a preservative to prevent rotting and damage by insects. While it is the most affordable, pressure-treated wood does require drying time, staining can be done immediately. We highly recommend a sixth-month drying period after your deck is completed at which time we would need to apply a good quality sealant or paint. To maintain your deck, wash it regularly once a year - in the spring is the best – and always use a detergent to remove dirt/moss/algae and any mold that may have built up over the winter months. Pressure washing is a fast and easy way to clean your deck, just make sure you have it on a low setting.

Cedar Decks: Cedar decking is also a popular choice with its built in oil that is resistant to decay and insects. It does require regular maintenance to keep it looking beautiful for many years of enjoyment. Never use a pressure washer on a cedar deck; it is softwood and would be damaged.

Polyurethane Deck: Polyurethane coating is a three-layer process which is very easy to maintain and is highly durable. Ask your estimator to see the color palette and the three different texture types. Once you determine what you want it’s a matter of 3 easy steps. First a base coat is rolled on the deck or concrete, followed by a layer of sand. Lastly the final or top coat is applied. This gives your wood deck or concrete patio/walkway an extremely resistant surface for all weather conditions. This will give you many years of service when installed and maintained properly, and is highly recommended for roof top decks with living space below it.

Composite Decking: Composite decking is composed of fibres and resin which are designed to resemble a real wood product. It can be used for decking and fencing, does not require painting or staining and will not splinter/crack/or warp. There are a variety of colors to choose from that have the look of a real wood grain. This material keeps your deck looking new for many years and requires very little maintenance, just power washing on a low setting.

Vinyl Decks: Vinyl decking has greatly improved over the years and we carry a wide range of different thickness, colours and styles to choice from. We also provide quality installation along with manufacturer 10-15 year warranties for all your vinyl needs. Maintenance is easy, simply a light scrub with a mild detergent and rinse well. A light pressure wash is also recommended.

Embellishing your deck: We install a large range of creative touches from powered coated aluminum handrails and railings with tempered glass or lattice work-in both PVC and wood to create an open or private outdoor space.  


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